Sunday, October 23, 2011

How Not to Make a Princess Dress

I'll start by saying I already know this will end in complete disaster. Ninty-three percent sure. D. wants his little sister to be Princess Peach for Halloween. He will be Luigi. I thought I'd try to make her a dress. Never sewn clothing before. Not going to use a pattern. I've got a couple yards of light and dark pink satin material. Some tulle. I couldn't even find one of my several measuring tapes to measure her; used a ribbon and a ruler. Not a good start.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sewing Lock-In

In high school our SADD group put on a lock-in each year. You know, to prove you could stay up all night having fun without drugs and alcohol. I'd have to say they were some of the best nights I can remember. Everyone in the SADD group could bring a guest, and we met at the school sometime in the evening. We were locked-in until 7 AM. Lots of yummy food and drinks (sans caffine) in the cafeteria, movie marathons in the library, dancing in the auditorium, hours of volleyball games in the gym. I'm sure there was more. But I don't think many other nights in my memory held as much exhausting fun as those.
So, tonight, I'm hosting my own little lock-in. In my dining room. Me, my sewing machine, and a backlog of projects. Oh and some pie, chips and salsa, and Miller Lite (it's legal now, and sometimes I do need it). First up: pillows.