Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I promise, this indirectly relates to crafting. I finally found a preschool for my little man, D. I wasn't really avoiding it, but I wasn't quite getting around to it either. I was never worried about him being ready for Kindergarten. He'll be starting there when he's almost six, so he'll have an extra year's maturity already. He can probably do most of the things they teach as well. And he's never had a problem leaving me. Ever. I took trips with him at 4, 7, and 9 months. A year old, 14 months. I left him with my parents for a week when he was 19 months. He never even noticed. Every trip, he'd meet strangers and go to them like he'd known them forever. I love how social he is. I sort of thought this was how most kids acted until the little J-monster arrived.

Anyway, I wasn't worried about him being ready. I actually don't really know why we ended up deciding to send him. I hate to spend the extra money when I'm home not making any. But we went to check the school out today, and D. fit right in. The kids were coming in from outside when we got there. D. went and found a girl to talk to, then sat down with her and did their next group activity like he'd been there all summer. He was not pleased when I made him leave after snack time.

I thought I'd be sad that I've only got two weeks left before he starts. But now that he's signed up, I'm so relieved. I'll have three days a week where, if the stars align, the little J-monster will nap while her brother is in school, and I'll have some peace. Am I fortunate that life has worked out so I can be home with them? Of course. Is it a bit maddening never having more than a few minutes at a time where I'm not responsible for fixing every catastrophe, major or minor? Um, yeah.* Plus D. is going to LOVE school.

*Someone please refer me back to this when I'm bawling my eyes out in two weeks. And again when I have to get a real job because my babies are all grown up.

Oh and how might this be related to crafting? Like I'm going to be responsible during my oodles of free time.

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  1. Fun! D. is going to love it! And you'll get into a routine!