Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home Is Where Your Stuff Is

Our little family just bought our first home. Due to the mobile nature of the Hubs' career, we've moved around a bit. Five moves in less than seven years. Four states, three time zones. Hundreds of white apartment walls.
Home is where your stuff is. That's one saying I've always liked. I truly have felt at home each place I have lived. Maybe not at our last apartment where we only unpacked enough to feel comfortable while we house-hunted. But other than that, once I dumped the contents of those totes and boxes, I was home.
Now that we're here, for good (knock on wood), I'm having an awful time decorating. I am getting way ahead of myself and I want the whole place to be decorated, co-ordinated, and all to match all of our future paint and furniture colors. Furniture we have no plans to buy, and paint we have no intenion of splashing on the walls any time soon.
I used to fancy myself a photograper. Our living room featured framed photos, stitched gifts, my own stitching. Bedrooms, more of the same. Now those things don't fit well. Our house is BIG. The walls aren't white. I have more rooms than things to hang.
In the back of my mind I've known how I want to decorate. I've known for a while, but forgot. Quilts! Quilts in all the rooms, quilts that use left-over pieces from a previous room. Or ones that use a common fabric. Quilts on quilt racks. This is likely where the dream always ends. That's a lot of quilts, on a lot of quilt racks. I don't have time to make these. But when I went to that local quilt show, I found the obvious, brilliant, answer. Wall quilts! They are small. They are (relatively) fast to make. They don't need to withstand washing. Oh the patterns, the fabrics, the techniques! I tend to not follow through on my grand plans, but this one has a shot.

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