Monday, June 20, 2011

Project #2: Complete

Yeah! Never mind that it took me from midnight to 5:30 am. I did it! I've only used my machine for small parts of a couple projects. It was time to learn. And it was SO fun!
First I had to sew on the ric-rac and then machine applique the fork and spoon. The pattern called for flowers, the Hubs suggested a fork and spoon. He always comes up with my good ideas. I do realize how horrible the applique job is. I'd recommend practicing sewing straight lines before attempting this. At least when I did the fork, I found I could narrow the stitch width to make it a little neater. I probably could have taken out the stitches and tried again (and again, and again), but I wanted it done so this was my first and only go at it.
The rest of the piecing went really quickly.
Pocket detail.
Gather, add pleats and waistband.
Done! I have to say I was surprised how much fun I had doing this. I thought the machine would be harder to use. I even had to wind a bobbin, and what fun that is! I bought some colored thread for my next project and I didn't want to have to wind bobbins. Silly me. Stay tuned for Project # 1!

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  1. That's great! Very much more adventurous than my first sewing machine project! Love the applique. And that you said your husband comes up with all your good ideas!