Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Project #3: Sampler Quilt

I bought this booklet back when I went on my first quilt-related shopping spree. I can't remember right now what it was that made me want to learn to quilt, but I know it was around Halloween four years ago because my first project was a little 9-square potholder in Halloween fabric.
Since then I've made a few baby quilts, and several Christmas items. I have wanted to make this, in part to learn some new techniques and just get in some good practice time.
Now is the perfect time; I'll make it for my living room! I just bought some fabric this weekend. My first trip to a fabric shop that wasn't Joann's. I hear that quality matters, but I'm wary of snobs. This is one of those times I could really use a quilt-mentor. When do you buy expensive fabric, and when do you buy cheap? And more importantly, is the expensive fabric always better quality, and the cheap always, well, cheap? Questions about fabric is actually what prompted me to start this blog. I wanted a way to find other blogs and websites, as well as to remember them. I had run across some great blogs about sewing and clothesmaking, complete with awesome tutorials, and I wanted to find them again. I'd also love to find a way to get input and answers from other quilters/crafters. As it turns out, I also have a lot to say. (The gift of gab, another of my few weaknesses).
I never did get any questions answered but I bought some fabric just the same. I was at the shop so long staring at the bolts, I felt I had to buy some to justify the time spent. I really wanted to find a medium green print print to plan my quilt around. Our living room is green. Our couches are green. The Hubs likes green. So I planned to make the quilt green and orange. I really wanted it to be funky, and I left with flowers. I couldn't find a green I loved, but I found a dark orange that was perfect. I don't even know what I'd call these colors but I think they have the right amounts of contrast. I have a poor color vocabulary, but I think the darks are equally dark, as well as the mediums. I like that I got a print for the background. I'm disapointed in the lack of funkiness, but I think the blocks will look nice.
Oh, and the fabric was expensive, but it is so heavy and soft. I've yet to wash it, but I believe it will be nice work with.


  1. Like you I learn most my crafts from books. I bought one called Sew Step by Step by Alison Smith at Barnes and Noble. It has a good section on fabrics that explains the properties and uses of different types of wool, cotton, silk, linen and specialty fabrics. It also tells how the cuts out and what kinds of thread, needle, pressing and seams to use. There are similar sections for thread and interfacing types. Hope this helps!

  2. Oh thanks! It doesn't seem like too much of leap to go from quilting to making clothes, and I bet that would help with some things I was wondering about as well!

  3. Was the owner/worker at the store helpful? I've been in two small owner-operated fabric stores and both times the women were insanely nice and helpful. Almost too nice. I think part of it was because a. I was buying things, but b. because I was youngish and therefore, they hoped, carrying on their craft. I think people at those smaller stores really get into helping people, too, because they love what they do so much. I don't think they'd steer you toward expensive fabric on purpose. Maybe chat 'em up next time?

  4. They were helpful, and busy! I'm glad to see they get a lot of business. They had several people working actually. I needed to find both a light and background color to match my others and the light kept throwing me off. She looked at my colors, switched my light to the background, then went in the other room and grabbed the perfect shade to finish. I'd like to go on a weekday sometime for a better chance to talk to some of them.